Becoming an AAUP Member

The Association of American University Presses is a membership organization of nonprofit scholarly publishers. Our members fall into three categories: Regular Members; Affiliate Members; and Introductory Members. All AAUP members meet certain eligibility requirements, and have established the scholarly character of their publishing programs. Learn more about the eligibility requirements and review AAUP's membership guidelines.

AAUP members share a common commitment to scholarship, the academy, and society; the Association also upholds this commitment. Scholarly publishers join the Association for support of both their day-to-day work and their broader mission to disseminate the fruits of scholarship far and wide. Learn more about the benefits of membership in AAUP.

Other organizations and publishing service providers that are not eligible for AAUP membership have the opportunity to support the work of the Association and the mission of AAUP members through the AAUP Partners program.

AAUP currently does not offer membership to individuals. Individuals and staff of organizations not affiliated with AAUP can participate in most professional development programs, including the annual meeting.

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