Resources for AAUP Members

Many information and professional education resources, cooperative services, and discount programs are available to AAUP members. To access many of our Resources for Members, you will need to log in as a registered member user. Log in above or request an account. Also, browse the Member Benefit Guide for more details about the benefits and programs available.

Cooperative Services and Discount Programs

Take advantage of discounts offered to AAUP members by marketing and sales service providers, digital publishing platforms, exhibit venues, and more. Read more >

AAUP Email Discussion Lists

The AAUP community supports a variety of active general- and special-interest email discussion lists. These are great ways to share ideas and information with colleagues at other presses, solve problems without wheel-reinvention, and stay abreast of issues and news from AAUP. Read more >

Professional Development Programs

Professional development is a core mission of the Association, offering educational opportunities and ongoing professional development resources. Read more >

Data Collection and Analysis Programs

AAUP undertakes several regular data collection projects to keep members apprised of the state of our industry and other vital community information. These include Quarterly Sales & Returns surveys, Annual Operating Statistics reports, occasional departmental surveys, and much more. Read more >

Handbooks & Toolkits

The AAUP Business Handbook and AAUP Marketing Handbook are essential professional references for university press staff. Our online Toolkits organize many AAUP and external tools and resources into convenient subject-based compilations. Read more >

Other Information Resources

You'll find many more resources, tools, and useful information throughout the AAUP site. For example, under Policy Areas you'll find many copyright and permissions resources. Please use the site Search tool above to locate other AAUP materials and resources.